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 What we offer?

Edge Video Marketing is a trading name of Internet Marketing Platinum Ltd. Offering full service and bespoke video production since 2009. Trusted by brands of all sizes throughout the UK – from SMEs (small-to-medium-enterprises) to large enterprises and public sector organisations. We have created thousands of hours of video content created with views going into the millions.

Why choose us

Why should you choose Edge Video Marketing for your next video production project?

  • Friendly and professional team of video production experts.
  • Full service in-house video production service which include video marketing.
    We are experts in video marketing and reaching an audience.
  • Efficient project management with clear touchpoints, so you always know which stage the project is at and what the next steps are
  • We deliver impact and results not just stunning videos.

Video Production Experts For Results & Impact

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What our clients have to say about us

What types of video are best for your business?

Gone are the days when a business or organisation needs just one video. We recommend a number of videos to help you to gain that competitive edge. The following are three of the main types of videos to get started with. These are the minimum types of video that your business or organisation generally needs.

Brand Message Videos

This is a video that sits right at the top of the homepage of your website and is pinned to your social media pages. Providing a visual and auditory representation of your business, to build understanding, trust and set you apart from your competitors.

Video Testimonials

This is a video that creates social proof for your business. Very powerful. You need at least two for your business but more is better.

They are great at helping to converts leads and can be combined with other types of videos.

Promo Videos

These types of videos are generally used in social media ads such as Facebook ads. They’re generally quite short and snappy.

They’re nice and succinct,and to the point. They are designed to drive traffic to your social media pages and your website.

What makes us the
#1 choice for many businesses and organisations?

Project Management

We hit deadlines. Consistently. We keep you informed, every step of the way.

Regular Video Content Plans

We don’t just provide a video, we provide videos. We recommend multiple, regular videos and have plans to reflect this offer.

Customer Service

We answer the phones, respond to emails and basically get back to you, just as any business should.

Winning Strategies

We’re set apart from many of our competitors because we provide video marketing strategy, not just video.

What is video marketing?

So you might have Googled ‘video production’ and found us. But rather than just supplying video production and editing. We provide video that works for your business and aligns with your business needs. This might mean videos that support your sales process, help to build your brand, help to create social proof, show off your products, train your staff and assist with staff onboarding, and much more. The video marketing is the strategy and execution of the plan that gives you videos the best chance of providing a return on investment (ROI).

How much does video production and video marketing cost?

We’ve added examples of our pre-production, video production and video editing rates. Our video marketing rates are available upon request, following discovery. This should provide you with an idea of what we charge. We’ll always ask for a discovery session to ensure that we’re tailoring our services to your business goals.

The first question we’ll ask is “Why do you want a video?” 

Travel is charged at 95p per mile. Accommodation is £125 per day per crew member. Any extra costs will be discussed and agreed as per any proposals.


starting from
£ 850+VAT per day
  • Meetings - discovery
  • Collaborative idea generation
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Shotlists
  • Camera confidence and advice
  • Scheduling
  • Permissions
  • Risk assessment

Production - filming DAY

starting from
£ 1075+VAT per day
  • 1 - 2 filmers
  • Up to 7 hours filming
  • Including lighting, sound, cameras, other applicable equipment) this will include pieces to camera and cutaways/b-roll footage
  • Extra equipment rental charged extra
  • Additional Filmer + £700+VAT
  • Sound Recordist + £700+VAT
  • Lighting technician + £700+VAT

production - filming 1/2 day

starting from
£ 850+VAT per half day
  • 1 - 2 filmers
  • Up to 4 hours filming


starting from
£ 850+VAT per day
  • Usually 2 days post-production is required for every 1 days filming, depending on project
  • Half-day editing £500+VAT
  • Editing hourly rate £200+VAT
  • Editing, titles, colour grading, sound processing/design
  • Visual Effects (VFX), intro, outro motion graphics sequences

Trusted by clients

At Edge Video Marketing, we’re passionate about delivering fantastic videos which are designed to help businesses and organisations to grow. Helping them to get that competitive edge.

We achieve ROI (return on investment) for clients on a consistent basis by not only delivering videos which are fit for purpose but also by helping our clients to market their videos, using tried and trusted video marketing strategies.

Who we like to work with?

At Edge Video Marketing we have our ideal types of clients. These are generally growing businesses that want to stand out from the competition. We look to work with scalable businesses with clear marketing messages to put out to their audience.